Bond University

Crystal is from Australia and is studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations at Bond University on the Gold Coast. She has also completed a Diploma of Business.

Crystal is a second generation Australian, with a Southern-European Greek background and appreciates the mission of the Queensland Student Advisory Panel to harness and represent the diversity of the Queensland student voice. Crystal has a keen interest in policy and would like to provide her perspective, in collaboration with the other students, on frameworks and strategies for international students, in relation to international education in Queensland.

She would like to advocate for equal opportunities and experiences for international students on all fronts and also promote Queensland’s second largest service export as she understands the importance of the future of international education for Queensland. She believes engaging with other students from different backgrounds and from different regions will broaden her outlook.

Crystal’s study abroad experience in Japan has allowed her to cultivate and improve her cultural intelligence, which she considers to be a major benefit in light of our inherently interdependent and global society. Living and studying independently in a new and unfamiliar overseas environment, allowed her to strengthen certain skills, such as leadership, communication and problem solving, and gain new traits such as adaptability and curiosity. This experience also helped her to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and strengthen her own levels of empathy.