University of Queensland

Ameya is from India and is studying a Master of Communications for social change at University of Queensland in Brisbane. He arrived in Brisbane in July 2018 to pursue a master’s degree.

Today, fifteen months later, he has done a lot of reflection and saw similarities in newly arrived students. He would like to use the student advisory panel as a platform to help these students. He believes that there needs to be a systemic change of 'How aspiring international students plan and look forward to their lives in Queensland. By being a member of the Queensland Student Advisory Panel he hopes to design a platform that would effectively communicate with incoming international students and thereby significantly reduce the impact of culture shock.

After working in the social development sector India, he realized a major gap in ‘communication’ to successfully implementing the policies on the ground. Ameya wanted to explore this field of study. University of Queensland offered a niche course structure.

Not only has Ameya’s knowledge significantly improved, but he is confident about getting back to his field and pursuing his passion to work with humans. As an international student, he has learnt to be independent, appreciative of Australian coffee and beer culture and discovered the bluest waters along the south eastern coast of Australia.